In 740 A.D. in a land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, known as Khazaria, a land which today is predominantly occupied by Georgia, but also reaches into Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, and Romania, the modern Jewish race is born. A modern Jewish race that
incidentally is not Jewish.

King Bulan decided if he instructed his people to convert to Judaism he could keep both the Muslims and the Christians happy.

His people converted to Judaism
enthusiastically and adopted the principles of the most holy Jewish book, the Talmud.


This study about kenites is not in no way referring to the true Southern tribes of Judah or Benjamin.


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During Christ’s ministry, His opposition came from the Pharisees and the Scribes! These people were known as JEWS.

It was these Pharisees and Scribes who sought to kill Christ (Luke 22:2; John 5:18). Jesus would not walk in JEWRY (JUDEA) because the Jews sought to kill Him (John 7:1).