Christian Identity


No matter what their personal animosities, past differences, or disagreements over the finer details of doctrine, all of those Christian Identists who support the idea of a Christian Identity General Convention

(a nonphysical, but theological association of Christian Identity Pastors and Ministries) are willing to commit themselves to the joint accord of cooperating for the express purpose of fulfilling the great commission to educate our people about their Identity.

While every aspect of the governance of their own congregations, associations, ministries, and organizations,as well as any associated businesses, will be left strictly under the control of the individ
ual constituent signers of the
Christian Identity General
Convention, it serves the interests of all signatories in
volved for a general statement
of beliefs to be agreed upon
and taught. This is the model
of independent Christian congregations (ekklesia) founded by the Apostle Paul.

Here is a list of proposed doctrinal planks for the C.I.G.C.

The White race, people of European ancestry, by and
large constitute the lost sheep
of the House of Israel.

Those who call themselves Jews today, whether in occupied Palestine or elsewhere throughout the world, are NOT descended from Abraham, nor did they inherit a covenant
between Abraham and God, so they are NOT God’s chosen

The formation of a general
Theological School for those
seeking further education, and
Pastorship within the Christian Identity community.

Mutually agreed upon semi
annual meetings to discuss
new policies and platform
planks signed into the Foun-
dational Beliefs of Doctrine,
held on alternating sides of the
continental United States so
more participants can attend.

All Pastors that have signed
this document may have a say
in the formation of #4 stated

ALL additions or subtractions MUST BE AGREED UPON BY ALL!

We, the undersigned, pledge not to be critical of other signatories of the Christian Identity General Convention in regards to their varying interpretations or translations of scripture, and practices regarding the observance or lack thereof of the Sabbath, Holy Days, Dietary laws, or their preferred name usage for The Creator and his Son, our Kinsman Redeemer.

Furthermore, their method of administering the rites of Baptism or the Lord’s Supper shall be left up to their individual consciences as led by faith.

While what is commonly referred to as “Single Seedline” Christian Identity doctrine might be the path most traveled for those being converted to Christian Identity from the heresy of jewdeo-Christianity, it is not the preferred final destination for their faith.

Indeed, that final destination should be a complete acceptance of what is broadly referred to as “Dual Seedline” Christian Identity, as evidenced through Revelations 2:9 and 3:9.

Finally, while maintaining our denominational independence within the Christian Identity General Convention, we recog-
nize that all Christian Identists are united in our work for
God’s Kingdom and His people, and should be recognized as allies, rather than adversaries.
Signed this day the 21st of August in the year of our Lord
2016 by:

Pastor Paul R. Mullet
Divine Truth Ministries

Pastor Eli James
Church of the Restoration of Israel

Pastor Steve Anderson
Am Bachar Publishing

Billy Roper
Divine Truth Ministries Council Member

Pastor William Patterson
Yahushua DSCI Ministry

Mike Hallimore
Kingdom Identity Ministries

Signed this 22 day of August in the year of our Lord 2016