Star of David

Jews & Evangelical Christians claim that the Zionist State of Israel is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

However, Yahushua DSCI Ministry does not agree with this claim and does not support the Synagogue of Satan.

Today if you exercise your Constitutional rights of “free speech” and the right to believe in God and practice your faith you will be labeled a “white supremacist” or an “anti-Semitic” person if you speak the truth about the Word of God..unless you take the “mark” and teach what the Synagogue of Satan wants you to teach.

Now let’s tell the truth about this 6 pointed star the so-called Star of David.

The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the “Shield of David” or the “Magen David,” was not originally a Jewish symbol.

The truth is that no Scripture says King David used a star.

The six-pointed star is the supreme symbol of Satanic tyranny, which has been used by people throughout history to directly or indirectly worship Satan.

King David never used a star, Solomon fell away from God and he built altars to and worshiped false gods.

He used the star in his seal as a symbol of protection. It is the supreme symbol of satanic tyranny against God and humanity, and has long been used in Egypt and Babylon magic, occultism, witchcraft and the casting of zodiacal horoscopes by astrologers.

The 6 points, 6 triangles, and the 6 sides of the hexagram = 666!

The six-pointed star has been used by people throughout history to directly or indirectly worship Satan.

The Babylonians, Egyptians and Assyrians used it. The Roman Catholic Church, uses it. The Rothschild family uses it. Freemasons use it. Illuminati use it. Satanists, Luciferians, astrologers and witches use it. Judeo-Christian churches use it.

Christians shouldn’t have anything to do with the six-pointed star, as it is Satanic.

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