The Antichrist

Is the Antichrist about to reveal  himself ?

We are in the end times spoken about in the Bible and a lot of things are coming to pass.

There are many theories and speculations today of who the Antichrist may be?

We know that the Jews will not accept anyone as their Messiah unless he was of Jewish ancestors and some say that the Antichrist may be Jared Kushner  because his wife converted to Judaism.

Plus Jared Kushner was the one working behind the scenes getting everyone to sign agreements with Israel. So could Jared Kushner be the Antichrist?

Well here is another person that some are now saying that might be the Antichrist!

Barron Trump
Son of Former President Trump

There is a book that was written in 1893 titled “Barron Trumps Marvelous Underground Journey”

Book by Ingersoll Lockwood

Look at the face in the picture, it looks very similar to Barron Trump.
Barron Trump younger pics
From Wikipedia

This book was written over 124 years ago and it’s about time traveling to the past and future and the adventures started in is where his mother Melania Trump is from Slovene Russia.

Melania and Donald Trump

Could they both be Reptilian bloodline? Their features around their eyes makes me wonder? Plus Donald Trump gave a speech about being a Snake!

Now what is also very interesting is that Nikolai Tesla claimed that he built a time traveling machine and claimed that he used it to time travel? What is even weirder is that after Tesla’s death we know that the U.S. government took all of his notes and inventions but they handed it over to OFFICE OF ALIEN PROPERTY!

The Office of Alien Property Custodian was an office within the government of the United States during World War I and again during World War II, serving as a custodian to property that belonged to US enemies. Wikipedia

Also, the F.B.I steeped in to investigate all of Tesla experiments because he invented a ” Death Beam” sounds like a laser beam to me. Now check this out, the F.B.I. hired John G. Trump to look over Tesla notes and inventions but he said he couldn’t find out anything. John G. Trump is also Donald Trump’s Grandfather!

I do believe that the government has a time travel machine or the technology because look at the Philadelphia experiment.

In the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia, in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

There was also another Book written by the same Author titled: 1900 The Last President.

It says in this Book that after the President’s inauguration that he chose people for his cabinet and he chose Secretary of Agricultural Lafe Pence.

Also in the article above it mentions the last President being in New York city and that is where Donald Trump has buildings. PLUS it mentions in the above article that there were protest after the President was elected. PLUS I will mention that is also where the Twin Towers stood and what we call 9-11.

Now, President Donald Trump Mother is “MARY” and his Father’s name is “CHRIST”.

Mary Macleod Trump and Frederick Christ Trump

I am sure if you look more into this you will find out more because this is being talked about on Podcast and Social Media sites. But, I also want to share a video I found that was very interesting!